Developer at AlphaZ

Feb 2019 - Present

Zest is a PHP MVC framework designed for rapid application development, particularly for small to medium scale apps and APIs. It offers a simple, yet powerful solution for creating efficient and scalable applications.


This website was developed using the AlphaZ Framework, formerly known as Zest Framework.


This is a component for the AlphaZ Framework, and its purpose is to install and manage the framework’s components.

Lesson Learnt

Working on the basics of the component system, I learned about how systems that support components, plugins, and modules function. I also learned how to create a component for the AlphaZ Framework 😁.


This is a skeleton app for the AlphaZ Framework that demonstrates the basic structure of the framework.


The purpose of the AlphaZ Framework is to provide a lightweight, generic, and extensible PHP framework with a minimal bundle footprint. It is designed for PHP developers who want to build apps without having to code common features such as validation, routing, and database manipulation from scratch. AlphaZ offers a set of well-defined toolkits to handle these tasks, allowing developers to focus on building their apps.

Problems Faced

Due to the complexity of this project, one of the main challenges was creating everything from scratch. Additionally, unit testing for each module took time.

Some Goodies

  1. Not to mention, working on the project was enjoyable, even during my college exams.
  2. The framework is purely lightweight and does not rely on third-party libraries.
  3. It supports components and plugins.

Lessons Learnt

This was my first developed framework with real-world applications, and I learned a lot about the inner workings of PHP, including regular expressions and framework design.

Future Thoughts

I plan to continue maintaining and improving the framework in the future, including adding a database layer, security layer, package management, and more features.