Direct Client at Projects

Feb 2021 - Present

While I have only completed one project on freelancer.com, I quickly realized that this platform is rife with scams and spam. This was a disappointing discovery, as it made it difficult for me to trust the legitimacy of the opportunities available on the site. Despite this, I was able to successfully complete the project I was working on, and I gained valuable experience in the process. However, I decided to explore other freelance platforms in order to avoid the scams and spam that are prevalent on freelancer.com.


One of my freelance projects was the development of a game that focused on the importance of trees for the health of our planet. In the game, players are invited to “plant trees” in a race against a malevolent lumberjack who seeks to chop them down. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly faster and harder to click on the sack to “plant trees”. Once time runs out, players are presented with a fact about the importance of trees for the environment. This game was developed after a man from Japan contacted me directly and hired me for the job. I was responsible for bringing the game concept to life, and was pleased with the final result. This project allowed me to showcase my skills in game development and contribute to a important environmental message.



One of my project was the development of an Android application for Icontem, a Brazil-based company owned by Manuel Lemos. The goal of the app was to help users find the best business partners by allowing them to log in and search for potential partners based on various criteria. I was responsible for the entire development process, from conceptualization to deployment, and was able to deliver a high-quality product that met the client’s needs and expectations. This project allowed me to gain valuable experience in developing mobile applications, and I was pleased to be able to contribute to the success of Icontem.


This project involved the development of an Amazon gift buying site that allowed users to make purchases using various cryptocurrencies. This was a new challenge for me, as it was the first time I had developed a custom theme and plugins for WordPress. The project was initiated when a man from Japan contacted me directly and hired me for the job. Despite the challenges, I was able to successfully complete the project, resulting in a fully functional and user-friendly website. This experience allowed me to expand my skillset and broaden my expertise in WordPress development.